We are totally in

Autistic people are often not contributing where they can best contribute in conventional settings. However, this does not mean autistic people are definitely less capable than ordinary people. On the other hand, autistic people should revel in being looked down upon, and press on being the awesome people they are. Autistic people are human beings just as you, me and every human being.

When we hold our heads up, at least we are doing something about our lives, regardless of our conditions. Our lives all have to go on. Why not go even stronger than before. Resilience is within us and we all can get back, knocked down 7 times get up 8, that is all within us. That makes us all human.

Also, whenever we are downvoted, excluded or ignored, it leaves us all a long and narrow space to reflect: What really matters to us? We like something and we have our unique spin on that something. We should not be silenced, but all celebrated. We can.


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